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Is this it? The Final Chapter in Brandi's Memoirs?

This is it... The tenth and final chapter in my memoirs, Brandi Whyne and Her Incredibly Erotic Adventures. I know I'd like these stories to go on and on and on and on, but my ghostwriter has moved on to writing other things, and the publisher isn't acting all that enthusiastic, either. If you'd like to read more about my exciting life, please let her know at celinechatillon @ and maybe we'll get her back on track, eh?

Until then, yours always--


  Brandi Whyne and Her Incredibly Erotic Adventures: Chapter 10 -- 
Brandi Strikes Back

As Chapter 10 opens, Brandi must find a way to disable her android replicas on Old Terra to prevent the interdimensional bandits from invading the universe. But the Pulsating Purple Parsnip is temporarily grounded. What can they do? Hijacking a spaceship and commanding her own crew of androids, Brandi strikes back the only way she knows how, using her wits and sexuality. Will Brandi and Robin survive the battle to discover their own happily ever after?

An excerpt from Chapter 10 – Brandi Strikes Back (Adults only!)

“Harder—I can take it in this form.” A Robin slipped his erection between my android’s lips and I—my replica, that is—began to suck greedily. “Hmm, chocolate-mint flavored cum?”

“It’s what a large majority of females indicated in a survey was their favorite flavor, so why not?” Juanito seemed to have withdrawn his consciousness from his ass-fucking friend and moved over to the Robin receiving my tongue’s attention to his dick. “Now that’s what I call a blow job. Oo, oo! I don’t want to come too soon. Let me switch again.”

Before I knew it, I felt my duplicate lifted and shifted into a new position to accommodate a Robin replica’s member in my cunt. I eagerly impaled my replica’s pussy upon the waiting cock and wasn’t disappointed. With all my duplicate’s holes fully lubricated and occupied, I was enjoying myself immensely.

“Keep up the good work, boys,” I mumbled between licks of the luscious dick dangling in front of my android’s face. The ass and cunt fuckers kept up a steady and powerful rhythm, spiraling their strokes hard against my clit. I teetered on the edge of a monstrous orgasm. Then I felt my real-world partner moving his hands from cupping my buttocks to finagling with his headset, and it distracted me.

I frowned. “Whatever are you doing?”

“Something I haven’t tried before—I’m going to take in the feed from three replicas simultaneously. Get ready for a wild ride, Brandi Whyne!”

I knew what was going to happen next. After all, Juanito only wanted a quickie, but I was determined to enjoy my full share of pleasure. I rocked my hips hard against the cocks thrusting into me and tightened my pelvic muscles. I pulled the dick between my lips deeper still into my—her—throat and activated a sub-routine called the vacuum that popped up in front of my android’s viewing area. Juanito squealed and pressed my ass harder against the spaceship landing gear.

“Here we come all at once!” Juanito cried.

The taste of chocolate-mint filled my mouth—gallons of it, or so it seemed. I felt the prince’s puny pecker stiffen and shake within me as my android enjoyed the no-so-tender ministrations of the three Robins’ cocks’ intense vibrations. Their pussy and ass pounding triggered a series of mind-expanding climaxes that built and waned and built and waned, going on for what felt like forever. With one last hard thrust to my cunt and a tonsil-tickling kiss of thanks from one of my satisfied customers, I collapsed to the ground and the world went dark.

Brandi Strikes Back is available at eXtasy Books: 
Chapters 1 - 10 are available at eXtasy Books, AR ebooks, and wherever fine ebooks are sold. Here's the link where you can find them all at the best price:

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Now available--Chapter 9: To Lay the Dirty Queen

 Brandi Whyne and Her Incredibly 
Erotic Adventures:  Chapter 9
--To Lay the Dirty Queen

As Chapter 9 opens, Brandi finds herself at the hands of dirty Queen Broomhilda and a dozen horny ladies-in-waiting. After a bit of fun, she escapes and discovers renegade Prince Juanito has been creating android replicas of King Ricardo’s court. Will these mechanoid sex workers overthrow the monarch, or do they play only a small part in a much grander scheme devised by Robin’s evil ex, Marian? Can Brandi defeat an army of her own android clones?

To Lay the Dirty Queen is available from eXtasy Books, Amazon, All Romance ebooks, and wherever fine ebooks are sold. 

Brandi has infiltrated the dirty queen's bath in this excerpt from Chapter 9 – To Lay the Dirty Queen:

 “Allow me to help you.” My curvy wanton picked up a wash mitt and poured a drop of bath gel onto it, then leaned over the side and began soaping my breasts in slow, circular motions, inwardly spiraling toward my pert nipples. “It’s the least I can do for all the fun you showed us this evening.”

I sighed. “Thanks. You girls don’t have a good time every night?”

She made a sad pout. “Most nights, no. The queen kicks us out of her bedchamber whenever she has company. Our personal quarters are rather small, so we can’t get up to much activity.”

These women weren’t flesh and blood, so why did they even need private quarters? Couldn’t they just all line up in a closet and switch off when they weren’t needed? An odd notion occurred to me. I sensed that my sexy hostesses didn’t realize they were synthetic creations. Did they not know they were androids?

“I’m so sorry to hear you all don’t have much time for fun.” My sympathy was genuine, and my curiosity goaded me to keep questioning her. “What is your name, my dear? Where are you from?”

Her expression instantly lit up. “I’m Chelsie. I’m originally from a small town two hours south of the capital by the bullet train.” She plunged the mink-like mitt between my thighs and gave it a swirl about my clitoris. I jumped up and squealed, then gave her a quick peck on the cheek for her cheekiness. She giggled. “I like you, Brandi.”

“I like you, too, Chelsie. You seem an honest, sensible, young lady.” And one that didn’t seem to know that she wasn’t human. Or was it an act? I was about to question her some more when we were interrupted by my cinnamon-skinned lover who had been observing us from across the way for some time.

“Sensible isn’t the word I’d use to describe Miss Chelsie,” the exotic beauty murmured. She struck a daring pose, hands on slender hips, her naked pelvis thrust forward revealing her shaven pussy, her rosy-brown nipples pointing straight ahead, mesmerizing me.

I took a deep breath to calm my over-stimulated nerves, currently being stimulated nicely by Chelsie’s digits. “Ooo, if she’s not sensible, how would you describe Chelsie, then?”   

“I’d describe Chelsie as curious and ready to shag at a moment’s notice.” Cinnamon strode toward the tub and shook her head. “Oh, no, no, no. You can’t get her cleaned properly that way. Let’s get Brandi into the shower booth. You take one side. I’ll take the other.”

Chelsie giggled. “Oh, yes, please.”

Sometimes I don’t know what gets into me—well, that’s not exactly true. Huge strap-ons and men’s cocks get into me frequently, but sometimes girls just want to have fun…with each other in a shower. 

Brandi Whyne and Her Incredibly Erotic Adventures:  Chapter 9--To Lay the Dirty Queen is available from eXtasy Books and wherever fine ebooks are sold.

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Chapter 8: Brandi Courts Disaster!

Is it the beginning of the end for Brandi and company? Find out in the next three chapters of her ongoing memoirs, coming from eXtasy Books August 15...

What do you get when Star Wars meets Sherwood Forest? Mix in a little Fanny Hill and The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and you get Brandi Whyne and Her Incredibly Erotic Adventures (with Robin Manhood and His Totally Sexed-Out Space Pirates). With a series title that long, you know it’s going to be filled with loads of laughs, tons of sci-fi fun and plenty of hot sex!

In Chapter 8, the space pirates long to discover what K.R.A.P.P. and the android Marian are up to, but first, Brandi needs to discipline Willie for fibbing about his past. A little demonstration and another great orgy later, the Triple P arrives at Old Terra and comes under attack. Can Brandi and company out-prank a prankster, survive a crash landing, and pull the plug on henpecked King Ricardo’s evil queen before it’s too late?

You can purchase chapters 1 - 7 at eXtasy Books, Amazon and wherever fine e-books are sold! Click this link for the best price: Brandi Whyne and Her Incredibly Erotic Adventures

An excerpt from Brandi Courts Disaster--where Brandi must "discipline" Scarlett Willie and Captain Robin Manhood.

What could I to do with these two horny superior officers standing before me? They needed to be taught the ways of etiquette and how to treat a lady.

Of course, born of humble birth, I was no lady. But I was all woman, deserving nothing less than their best manners.

“On your knees, you scurvy dogs. Now!” I grabbed the short whip off the podium, the one my teacher and lover Zelda had bestowed upon me before she left the Triple P. I gave the whip a good crack near their ears. They did as they were told. The crowd hushed and leaned forward, drooling with expectation.

“Be careful with that thing. I’m deaf now in that ear,” Willie moaned.

I strolled toward him and smacked the whip playfully across his buttocks. “Better?”

Willie flinched, but smiled. “Much better.”

I turned to Robin and noticed his serious expression and rigid posture. “Captain, you have assumed the correct position and seem ready to accept your discipline. Is that correct?”

“Aye, aye, Madam Ship’s Counselor. I will accept discipline as you see fit to give it.”

I leaned closer to him and rubbed my aching breasts against his shoulders. “You seem a bit too eager to accept punishment, Captain, which makes me a bit suspicious.”

That seemed to catch him off guard. He raised a dark eyebrow. “Suspicious? Why, I’m only trying to cooperate fully, madam.”

 I took my nipples, which pointed through the thin silk of my poet’s shirt, and slowly rubbed them against his back. I was satisfied to hear his breathing increase in expectation. “You wish to demonstrate the wisdom in following orders and in not contradicting the officer in charge,” I murmured.

He nodded. “Exactly.”

I quickly removed my shirt and tossed it aside, allowing my cut-out lace bra to force my bared breasts higher. The audience politely applauded. I then did likewise and removed Robin’s green top. “So, if one cooperates,” I began as I danced my nipples across the bare skin of his back, “one would hope to be rewarded for one’s obedience, yes?”

Robin moaned as he leaned back against me. “Hmm, yes, one would hope.”


Friday, June 19, 2015

A sneak preview from Chapter 8--Brandi Courts Disaster

My ghost writer, Celine, has posted an excerpt on her Celine's Dreams blog from my next great chapter in my ongoing memoirs... I decided to post the pertinent info. here for your pleasure:

The synopsis of Celine's work-in-progress, Chapter 8, Brandi Courts Disaster:

In Chapter 8, the space pirates long to discover what K.R.A.P.P. and the android Marian are up to, but first Brandi needs to discipline Willie for fibbing about his past. A little demonstration and another great orgy later, the Triple P arrives at Old Terra and comes under attack. Can Brandi and company out-prank a prankster, survive a crash landing, and pull the plug on henpecked King Ricardo’s evil queen before it’s too late?

An excerpt from chapter 8, Brandi Courts Disaster, in which Brandi--acting as ship's disciplinarian--attempts to teach their less-than-truthful second in commander a lesson with a little help from her lover, Captain Robin Manhood, at an orgy :

“Please disrobe, Captain. You will help me illustrate the importance of truthfulness to Commander Dickinson.”

“As you wish.” Robin chuckled as he shimmied out of his trousers. His dark eyes flashed wickedly, revealing his enormous erection. “How may I help you, Counselor Brandi?”

Goddess above! Did I ever love my lover’s cock! Sure, I had had the pleasure of being fucked by the vast majority of the crew and others sentient beings since I became Robin Manhood’s junior pilot, but no thing or no body could compare to the dashing site of masculinity that greeted me with his saluting penis at that moment. I realized that I was the luckiest girl in the galaxy to have such a handsome and open-minded lover.

“Sit down in the chair.” I wiggled my hips suggestively as I approached him, straddling and impaling myself on his cum-glistened cock. I began to gently rock back and forth, tossing back my hair and purring, “Hmm, yes, that’s it. Fondle my ass and suck my nipples the way I like.”

Robin chuckled and quickly obeyed. “Yes, ma’am!”

I squealed with delight. The room definitely was heating up. My vocalizations joined the in the chorus of moans and sighs as the discipline session became an all-out orgy. Everyone seemed to be enjoying himself or herself or itself except for Scarlet Willie. He sat back on his haunches and began to whine. “Oh, I’m all alone at an orgy, I’m handcuffed, and yet everybody is ignoring me!”
I slowly corkscrewed my hips around Robin’s cock, savoring the pleasurable sensations deep in my cunt. “You have only yourself to blame, Willie,” I said at last taking pity on his dilemma. “If you’d been honest with us all along about your royal connections, we commoners wouldn’t be so ticked off at you.”

Chapter 8, Brandi Courts Disaster will be released August 15, 2015, from eXtasy Books.
Chapters 9 and 10 should follow in September and October.

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She's coming--again (and again)!

Heads up, darlings... I've whipped my ghost writer Celine into shape and told her to get back to work on my memoirs. Two more chapters are currently in the works. Tentative release date for the first book is August 15, 2015 from eXtasy Books.

Chapter 8 is entitled Brandi Courts Disaster and takes place on Old Terra in the court of King Ricardo the Party Pooper. That doesn't mean Brandi and the gang of space pirates won't have fun, because we all know that Brandi can have fun no matter what the circumstances (or whoever she has to go to bed with). ;)

Chapter 9 is called To Lay the Dirty Queen and that's sort of what happens...along with a few other things. Brandi will start putting two-and-two together and come up with some great group sex--or at least answers to some of the questions she and Robin Manhood have been searching for throughout their sexually repressed galaxy. Space pirates who distribute adult toys have to deal with so many obstacles!

If you need to catch up with all the sci-fi/fantasy/comedic erotic-romantic action so far, check out chapters 1 - 7 at eXtasy Books. They've been having some very good sales on ebooks lately, so buy now and buy in bulk. You know I appreciate it. ;)

Here's the link to the entire series/serial so far:

Until later, be good--or at least be nice to your lovers!

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