Excerpts from Brandi Whyne & Her Incredibly Erotic Adventures (Chapters 1 - 6)

Brandi Whyne and Her Incredibly Erotic Adventures 
ISBN 1-55410-627-3
Cover art by Martine Jardin
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Chapter 4—Little John’s Very Big Problem

Chapter 5—The Search for Brandi’s Crack

Chapter 6—Kidnapped by Time Bandits!

Chapter 7—Brandi's Best Revenge!

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I laughed so hard I fell out of my chair and hurt my tail bone. Made me spit Pepsi on my monitor.--Stefani V. Kelsey, EIC, Mojocastle Press

This book would be perfect for someone who likes off-the-wall comedy, with a pinch of science fiction mixed in... Ms. Chatillon continues to weave the most delightful storyline with some very creative characters. Heidi from Fallen Angel Reviews (Four angels)

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Brandi Whyne and Her Incredibly Erotic Adventures: Chapter Six--Kidnapped by Time Bandits!

What do you get when Star Wars meets Sherwood Forest? Mix in a little Pirates of the Caribbean, Fanny Hill and The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and you get Brandi Whyne and Her Incredibly Erotic Adventures (with Robin Manhood and His Totally Sexed-Out Space Pirates). With a series title that long, you know it’s going to be filled with loads of laughs, tons of sci-fi fun and plenty of hot sex!

In Chapter Six, Kidnapped by Time Bandits, Brandi is sucked into an alternate dimension and forced to do a little sucking on some not-so-nice space pirates—including Robin Limpdick, the evil twin of her own lover Robin Manhood. After a good licking, she meets Captain Jacques Swallows and his right hand man Francois who put her to the test. Can Brandi convince the Time Bandits that the crew of the Pulsating Purple Parsnip can do more than just throw a great orgy?

In Chapter One: Captured by Space Pirates! we meet our heroine, the strong-willed, hot-blooded Brandi Whyne. Brandi is a comely lass orphaned at a young age. Now twenty-two and working as a barmaid in hellhole spaceport, Brandi finds her virginity threatened. That is, until a tall, mysterious stranger waltzes into the bar and rescues her. To Brandi’s delight her rescuer turns out to be none other than the wickedly handsome Robin Manhood,
wanted space pirate and captain of the Pulsating Purple Parsnip. Brandi decides to join Robin’s crew of sexual deviants and freedom fighters in their quest to provide the galaxy with an endless supply of cheap adult toys and even cheaper laughter.

Celine Chatillon has written what can only be described as a bizarre mix of ideas that have been stirred together to produce something unique, and a tale that will keep the readers interested... The reader will discover a vast variety of characters, all brilliantly described... Being able to set the scene can be difficult for some writers however Ms. Chatillon has perfected it, and in this fast paced story a whole new world full of colorful characters comes alive.--Heidi for Fallen Angel Reviews (four angels)

In Chapter Two: Lashed at the Mast! strong-willed, hot-blooded Brandi Whyne finds herself tied up for a bout of “discipline” with ship’s disciplinarian Zelda. After her experience, Captain Robin Manhood—-along with several other crew members-—are pleasantly surprised at how well Brandi adapts to life aboard the Purple Pulsating Parsnip. Robin then sends Brandi on an undercover mission to ascertain why the dangerously sexy space smuggler Daro is delivering inferior adult toys. But first Brandi has to make Zelda’s leather-wearing ex-lover Zelina jealous. Will silver pasties and crotchless panties really do the trick?

Ms. Chatillon allows further insight into the backgrounds of the crew and also introduces some new faces, all of which are unique in their own way. Again the pace of this book is quick but the storyline is clear enough for it not to become confusing, and in fact the fast pace adds to the tale.--Heidi for Fallen Angel Reviews (four angels)

In Chapter Three: Bound for Adventure! Brandi goes undercover but is soon found out by sexy smuggler Daro. She bravely faces death by oversized dildo—until Robin and the gang save the day. After Dr. Kwak’s “rat poison” interrogation, it appears Daro is working for dreaded inter-dimensional bandits. What can they do? Why, Robin takes charge of the situation by announcing its time for a ship wide orgy, of course!

Celine Chatillon has continued her high quality writing... this book has a fast pace and the action moves on quickly; in this story the backgrounds of more of the characters are revealed and the reader will be able to learn even more about Captain Manhood and his crew.--Heidi for Fallen Angel Reviews (four angels)

I enjoyed reading this installment, particularly reading the intimate group scenes which definitely livened up the action. With each book Ms. Chatillon has increased the level of intensity, this book is definitely hotter than the last two.

In Chapter Four: Little John’s Very Big Problem Brandi bravely cheers up the giant John Thomas with her own brand of sexual healing. J.T. harbors a crush on Peri, a shy girl who works at Robin’s hideout. After a makeover and a sexy soak in the tub, Brandi, Peri and company enjoy a dinner party that includes plenty of dessert. But will bandits from another dimension spoil their fun?

Celine Chatillon has a wonderful way of using well known story lines and characters and changing them totally so that the most unexpected things occur. This, the fourth book in the Brandi Whyne series, had me laughing out loud when it came to some sections, and yet others were so tender it was a wonderful thrill to read. In this latest installment of the series Ms. Chatillon has added more characters and increased the readers knowledge of the old, familiar ones. In the case of John Thomas, the reader will finally get to know a lot more about him and his life, something that has been eluded to in the past few stories but never expanded upon till now.--Heidi for Fallen Angel Reviews (four angels)

Brandi and the crew go searching for a crack in the time-space continuum. Along the way they experience some rather wild side effects of inter-dimensional travel—including Brandi’s disembodied ass begging to be rogered. Robin is more than happy to oblige as the gravity units go off line, and as an oddly familiar time bandit plans to take Brandi hostage…

With Ms. Chatillon’s descriptive writing the crew have all quickly become very memorable characters and I think readers will very much enjoy reading about their adventures in space.--Heidi for Fallen Angel Reviews (four angels)

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Brandi Whyne and Her Incredibly Erotic Adventures (with Robin Manhood and His Totally Sexed-Out Space Pirates)… With a series title that long, you know it’s gotta be good!

Recipient of the Romance Readers Weekly Choice Award!

What the readers and reviewers are saying about Brandi Whyne...

Chapter 2 of the Brandi Whyne series is a hilarious and erotically arousing romp of sexual antics and uproarious adventures. Ms. Chatillon has a cleverly twisted sense of humor. She has the ability to get her readers sexually aroused, while in the next breath you are laughing uproariously by all her crazy characters. I eagerly await the next installment to this series and the continuation of the escapades of Brandi.

Candy Cay, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance,
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

Brandi Whyne and Her Incredibly Erotic Adventures is an enchanting space escapade. Brandi desires that one man to come along so she can find true love and happiness. Robin is the debonair pirate who is eager to please. Together they make quite a pair as they spin the galaxy. Ms. Chatillon creates some attention-grabbing characters, adds some good fun along the way and weaves a delightful fantasy that is a swashbuckling good read.

Cherokee, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance, Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Book

HOT STUFF FOR COLD WINTER NIGHTS. NEED I SAY MORE? --shakuntalahthakoury, reader

Oh this was great, Celine! I was ready to read more!!--Cathie, avid reader

ROFLMAO! Man, I love your sense of humor! --Maithe, reader

A brief excerpt from Brandi Whyne... Chapter One

“Now, tell me…why should I allow a captive to handle sensitive equipment aboard my ship?”

Robin pulled the cloak’s cord loose from my neck. The flowing garment puddled on the floor at my feet. The bridge crew gawked and whistled at my matching lacy white undies and bra set, drool pooling in the corner of their mouths. I bit my lip and held my chin high. No way I’d show weakness in front of this unsavory lot!

“I love dem feisty redheads,” muttered an alien crewmen from an unfamiliar species. He was working on what I assumed was the weapons console. “And so does Zelda. Should we call Zelda to the bridge for a bout of discipline, Robin?”

The hunchback’s beady one-eyed stare made me feel like a million Arcturan slime ants were crawling all over me. I held my breath in anxious anticipation and tried not to cringe. Discipline? Why in the goddess’s good name did anyone need to be punished for simply trying to help?

“Zelda?” Chuckling, Robin patted the cyclops on what I assumed was his shoulder. “Ah, Bigguns! That’s my man…I do like the way you think. But Zelda’s not quite called for—yet.”

Robin bent to scoop his cloak off the deck, threw it over his shoulder and turned to face me. “Enlighten us…why should we trust you? You’re not one of us.”

He came closer and lowered his voice to a sexy whisper. “How do I know where your loyalties lie, Brandi Whyne?”

I frowned. Trust me? Why, there was no good reason for me to trust him!

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A brief excerpt from Brandi Whyne... Chapter Two

Scene set-up: Brandi and Zelda get ready to go "under cover".

I struggled to slip my bra out from under the form-fitting
undergarment only to discover my breasts kept popping out from the
corset’s tight confines.

“I don’t think this is going to work. My boobs won’t fit in this
thing if it’s tied this tight. Can you loosen it for me?”

Zelda bit her purple-painted lip and grinned. “Why should I? You look
hot. Here, I’ve got some postage stamps that’ll cover your nipples
perfectly.” She rummaged around in the drawers a few moments then
handed me two silvery-sparkled pasties. “Hmm, allow me to moisten the
surface so they’ll stick better.”

I moaned as she lowered her mouth and began tonguing my aching tits.
Instinctively I thrust my pelvis toward her waiting fingers that
greedily fondled my wet mound.

“You really enjoyed my tongue lashing this morning, didn’t you?”
Zelda’s words came out low and breathless. I nodded and leaned
against her as her hands and mouth worked their wonders. “I know I
didn’t exactly discipline you very well, but I hope you see now how
disobeying orders is taken very seriously aboard the Triple P.”

“I do, I do.”

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A brief excerpt from Brandi Whyne... Chapter Three

I swallowed hard and tilted my head back, closing my eyes. I sighed as a hand reached over and tweaked my nipples through the silky material of the long, purple poet’s shirt that I wore today with my thigh-high black boots.
“I thought you just wanted to observe the action, Robin,” I said, chuckling. My hand reached between my legs to stroke my ever-dampening pussy through my black lace panties.

“Robin can watch all he wants, but I definitely want to act out my fantasies.”

“Willie!” My eyes sprang open, gasping at the sight of a massive erection inches from my face. I quickly looked right then left. “Where did Robin go?”

The ruddy-faced blond, standing tall and unashamedly naked, shrugged. “I don’t know. Probably he went back to the bridge. So… you’re on your own without a partner. That’s not proper etiquette at an orgy.”

“Sorry. I didn’t know. I’ll leave then.”

I slowly rose to my feet, careful not to stare unduly at Willie’s huge cock pointing directly at my lips. He took a step closer and wiggled his hips.

“No need to rush off. As a matter of fact, I didn’t bring a partner, either. And it seems this shift has already gotten off to a good start. I don’t mind substituting if you don’t mind suffering through a good, hard fuck with one of your humble shipmates.”

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A brief excerpt from Brandi Whyne... Chapter Four

Was Peri coming on to me? Perhaps she wasn’t that interested in John Thomas after all?

“Do you like John Thomas?” I asked point blank. This dinner party would be a total bust if she didn’t. It would only hurt his feelings if she preferred women instead of men. I breathed a sigh of relief as she shook her head ‘yes’.

“But how can I compete besides someone as sexy as you?” she cried. “I’m a square peg and everyone else has a round hole. I don’t fit in.”

I jumped to my feet. “All right, stand up and clothes off. It’s time to start the makeover. I’ll run the bubble bath.”

Peri complied with my request in record time. Helping her to put her hair up, I noticed the graceful curve of her long neck. Beneath the shyness and awful taste in clothes stood a beauty without pretension. The only thing she lacked was self-confidence.

“Into the bath with you. I hope you like wild violets. We seem to have a ton of purple bath salts around here.”

She licked her lips slowly and looked at me. “Won’t you join me? This tub is big enough for the both of us...”

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A brief excerpt from Brandi Whyne... Chapter Five

With Robin and Willie keeping my attention so thoroughly occupied, I barely noticed the ship’s brief lurch several moments later. My wet pussy hungered for Robin’s hard rogering. He happily obliged until orgasmic sparks short-circuited my brain, my womanly muscles clenching and spasming in delight. I collapsed against the pillow, panting.

“Shall we switch it up a bit, Will?”

“In this configuration we could do a lot of interesting things.”

I blinked and slowly opened my eyes. “What are you guys talking about? Oh, no! Not again…”

My unruly ass had wandered from my top half and was seated halfway across the room. Robin massaged my disembodied pussy, an evil grin sparking his darkly handsome face.

“How about it Brandi’s crack? You want to try something a little different? Willie will keep the top half busy so she doesn’t prevent you from experimenting with some new moves.”

“Bad, naughty girl! You get back here this instant!” I cried. But it was no use. My ass was every bit as stubborn as the rest of my body. She refused to budge.

“Keep her mouth occupied, Will,” Robin ordered.

“No--stop! I order you to stop that this instance you naughty bottom.”

My worst fears had come to life. My soul mate stood there boldly fucking my asshole without my expressed permission.

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A brief excerpt from Brandi Whyne... Chapter Six

Jacques Swallows raised his hands. “The test will now begin.”

Francois quickly and quietly disrobed his master. I was not disappointed in what I saw. The time bandit had a beautiful body, buff and muscular, a hairless chest and a cock length that rivaled Little John’s. My hand fell to my clit, and I began to stroke myself. It throbbed as my vaginal muscles clenched at the thought of that bad boy sliding into my tight passage. I looked to my lover for permission to bed the stranger for the good of our crew. He nodded slightly and smiled.

“Now it your turn,” Swallows said, indicating that both Limpdick and I were to undress. I tore off my silky flowing shirt and kicked off my boots even before my opponent had a chance to remove his shirt.

“So, it’s a three-way?” Limpdick said, laughing. “I can tell you she gives a good blow job, so if you let me give her ass a good pumping you can— ”

The time bandit cut him off mid-sentence. “Brandi gives excellent fellatio, you say? Good. How about you, Limpdick?”

“How about me what?”

“Can you suck my dick as well as Brandi can?”

My challenger paled. “Say what?”

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