Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Talk Like a SPACE Pirate Day!!

Avast ye, mateys!

Oh, all right... I'll can the silly pirate talk. I'm not that type of pirate anyway--I'm a space pirate. Really. My name is Brandi Whyne, and I'm a fictional character who has taken over the mind of my author, Celine Chatillon. She's a dear, but a bit of ditz. I got "free" of her uptight subsconscious one day and started having my own adventures without her. And now she'll have to read all about them in my blog because I ain't telling her what all I'm up to!

I've written my "memoirs" (or at least part of them, anyway) and the first five "chapters" are available from eXtasy Books. Look them up under Celine's name--she claims authorship of them, the poor dear. I mean--they're my stories, my "incredibly erotic adventures" as I call them. The suppressed woman wouldn't have a clue how to handle an orgy if it wasn't for me. But she'll learn.

If you want to read up on my memoirs (thus far), you can check out excerpts, blurbs and review quotes at (Hopefully this link is working. The server is being switched over this week and Celine's site went walkabouts somehow. But the problem is being addressed.)

Yes, Celine is nice enough to let me use her web site. The writing wench, that she is, she'll appreciate any comments you would like to make about it, her work, or my fantastic blog. Just leave a comment below... and if you're a cute humanoid who travels in my universe, be sure to leave your address so I can look you up and detail all our erotic adventures for my next saucy chapter. ;)

But if you want to be a drab, boring Old Terran, then check out this web site about the more conventional types of pirates:

Talk like a Pirate Day—September 19

Yo ho ho...



A J Matthews said...

Oh hooo!!! Brandi Whyne, you can lay along side o' me any day! And I'm a 100% sure your biographer is nothing like as ditzy as you make out... ;)

Tim the Rogue Scholar said...

I say we hook up Brandi with Ethan.

C. said...

I don't think Ethan can handle Brandi... But she would have fun "whipping the boy into shape". ;)

Raquel said...

Hi Brandi,

Lovely to see you (in that outfit:). I agree with Mr. Matthews, your biographer is quite brilliant and not ditzy at all.

Now do my a favor and beam me up so I can play too.

C. said...

Consider yourself "beamed aboard" the good ship The Pulsating Purple Parsnip, Raquel. ;)


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