Saturday, March 20, 2010

Something New this Spring...

The last week of winter turned into a beautiful spring-like fest. It has greatly revived my spirits.

I’ve always liked the springtime. Spring is the season of rebirths and renewals. The tiny crocus flower pokes its tender green shoots above the cold soil, promising delicate purple blossoms within the week.

On a more ordinary level, March brings a novel release from my good friend Cynthianna, the re-release of her romantic-comedy of errors Scrambled Eggs. The story starts out on a windy early spring day where our heroine Sharlene literally runs over the hero Zack on a street corner with a baby carriage. Yeah, you got that right--a baby carriage. I think the whimsical cover art depicts the scene pretty accurately, with equal amounts of humor, attraction and embarrassment evident.

To buy Scrambled Eggs head over to Mojocastle Press. You can read a short excerpt as well there.

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