Saturday, May 7, 2011

Stylish Blogging? Sounds naughty to me!

Stylish Blogging Award? Who me? Why, I'm honored... You sure there isn't a secondary meaning to the word "blog"? After all, it does rhyme with snog! ;)

Thanks to Celine Chatillon and her Celine's Dreams blog for nominating me. I was going to post an excerpt here shortly, but I suppose I can do this little thing first. ;)

I have to tell you seven things you don't know about me... Well, what do you really want to know, darlings, that I haven't revealed in my memoirs?

1.) I was actually born on Old Terra. Not many people can claim that these days. But I'm an orphan and don't really know much about my family's past. Could we be related to the lascivious, inbred nobility of the homeworld? It's a thought, but one I'd rather not dwell upon too long.

2.) I've dropped subtle hints to Robin Manhood to pop the big question... You know--little hints that say, "I love you, so why haven't you asked me yet?"

3.) Tryor Fuq farts a lot. In bed. One reason I tend to limit personal contact with him to orgies, don't you know. It's not one of my turn-ons. ;)

4.) My favorite position is on top and from behind and underneath and lying diagonally and upside down and swinging from the rafters and...

5.) I tried that "all protein diet" once, but I got tired of it after the first week. Still, I keep getting knocks on my cabin door...

6.) Captain Jacques Swallows is one gorgeous man, but how can I turn his preference from the handsome and manly Francois? I'll keep trying.

7.) Diamonds are a girl's best friend? Nah! A girl's best friend needs a decent battery charger!

I hope you've enjoyed my confessions here. I'll post my nomination for Stylish Blogger Award with my next post.

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