Friday, June 24, 2011

A spankin' hot excerpt from Lashed at the Mast!

Celine's just home from "Friday Foreplay" on the eX Factor Yahoogroup email loop (what the hell is "email" anyway?)  and she asked me if I could post this excerpt from the second chapter in my fascinating memoirs, Lashed at the Mast! Of course I said yes... I enjoy a good spanking scene as much as the next person! ;-)

An excerpt from Brandi Whyne and Her Incredibly Erotic Adventures: Chapter 2--Lashed at the Mast! now available from eXtasy Books:

Robin winked at me and said under his breath, “Follow along with Zelda and I promise you’ll enjoy your punishment.”

“What if I don’t wish to be tamed?” I replied tartly. “What then?”

A throaty chuckle burst from his lips. He slipped a hand into my panties and felt the wetness growing there. “You’ll want to be tamed. Believe me—you’ll want to.”

“Captain.” Zelda came close to my right side and presented her violet whip to him. “You have the honor.”

I cringed. The whip was small but I could tell it packed a punch. I began wriggling my hands free of their bindings. Robin placed a comforting hand on my shoulder to still my anxious movement.

“No need. I prefer the ‘hands on’ approach.” He waggled an eyebrow at me and turned to face the crew. “I think everyone here today agrees. What say you?”

“Aye, aye!” the cheers rang out.

“I can’t wait to get my hands on that luscious ass…” I heard Dr. Kwak muttering. From the corner of my eye I spied him hiking up my ruffled skirt. The sicko really seemed to get off on wearing women’s clothing, obvious by his erection proudly poking out from beneath his petticoats. Correction—my petticoats.

Before I knew what hit me Robin ripped my lacy white panties off my bottom and applied pressure with a determined spank across my exposed butt cheeks. I jumped at the rough surprise, but held fast to the mast as he repeated the process several times. Now was not the time to show weakness.

“Naughty girl.”

Scarlet-faced Willie had sauntered over to my side and began rubbing his sticky staff against my left buttock’s burning flesh. The slow, sensual touch of his cock against my stinging bottom made my pussy muscles clench. I threw back my head and moaned.

“You like that, eh?” Willie muttered, spreading his juices across my other butt cheek. “You want me to keep doing it?”

“She likes it too much,” Zelda interrupted, stepping closer. She shoved her breasts close to my flushed face. “Don’t you?”

Brandi Whyne and Her Incredibly Erotic Adventures: Chapter 2--Lashed at the Mast! now available from eXtasy Books: and at Amazon for the Kindle format and wherever naughty books are sold!

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