Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Do you really think I'm funny?

Celine got off her fat backside and promoted Chapter 6--Kidnapped by Time Bandits at author Robin Badillo's Sealed with a Kiss blog this week. Check me out there:

And enjoy the cool tunes playing in the background. (Sweet!)
I've been told recently that I'm "funny". Is that "ha-ha funny" or "weird funny" you think? I know my memoirs are outrageously entertaining, but are they funny in a good way? What do you think? I'm dying to know... Perhaps I should find a new ghost writer? Hmm...

P.S. The tiny url links that I previously posted to my individual titles in the BW series may take you to the front page of eXtasy Books instead. A recent change in servers sort of voided the links with little notice. If you type in "Celine Chatillon" in the search box under author (on right top corner of the front page) that will take you to a listing of my stories. I apologize for any inconvenience. I'll have to get the whip out and make Celine update all the old links soon... Unfortunately, she enjoys a good spanking too much. ;)

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