Friday, September 16, 2011

Brandi's Best Revenge is now in the building!


Now available from eXtasy books in various e-formats:

Here's the quick synopsis:

In Chapter 7, Brandi’s Best Revenge, the crew of the Pulsating Purple Parsnip encounter their time bandit contact in their own dimension—Robin‘s ex-girlfriend, Marian Maidenform. But all is not quite as it seems aboard Marian‘s ship, and seducing the hunky android Andrew becomes part of Brandi‘s revenge against the cold yet sexy woman who broke Robin‘s heart. But what does K.R.A.P.P. have to do with the balance of power on Old Terra? Brandi and her pals are determined to find out.

And don't forget, you can receive your very own PDF copy of "Outrageous Extended Excerpts" from all the chapters (well, up to number 6) by simply dropping my ghost writer, the slow-to-update-blogs Celine, an email with "Free Ebook" in the subject line. celinechatillon @  

I'll be sure to spank her if she doesn't send it to you right away... After all, I am "ship's counselor and disciplinarian". ;)

A very hot excerpt will be posted soon, too. Celine says she'll get right onto it... My velvet whip can be a very enticing instrument. ;)


The excerpt from Brandi's Best Revenge! is now available on its very own page:

That way you don't have to scroll down to find it at a later date. Enjoy!


(Was that okay, Mistress Brandi?)

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