Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Talk like a pirate? What's that about?

Celine hasn't helped me update my page here since she was "talking like a pirate" yesterday. What the hell is that all about, I ask you?

As a bonafide space pirate, I can honestly say we speak no different from anyone else. Some of us even speak better. Dum Luk for instance... our resident mad scientist aboard the Pulsating Purple Parsnip. Now that is a man who didn't let years of education and drudgery in the lab turn him into a dull ol' boy. He's a fun guy at an orgy. Just ask Dr. Kwak and Tryor Fuq--they'll tell you.

Well, I hope Celine has been out promoting my latest chapter Brandi's Best Revenge. She has updated the excerpt page with correct purchase links from eXtasy Books. I might have to give her a spanking in thanks for that much work today. ;-)

Here are the updated purchase links in case you're interested:
Brandi Whyne and Her Incredibly Erotic Adventures: Collect them all!

Chapter 1—Captured by Space Pirates! http://tinyurl.com/brandiw1
Chapter 2—Lashed at the Mast! http://tinyurl.com/brandiw2
Chapter 3—Bound for Adventure! http://tinyurl.com/brandiw3
Chapter 4—Little John’s Very Big Problem http://tinyurl.com/brandi-4
Chapter 5—The Search for Brandi’s Crack http://tinyurl.com/brandi-5
Chapter 6—Kidnapped by Time Bandits! http://tinyurl.com/brandi-6
Chapter 7—Brandi's Best Revenge! http://tinyurl.com/brandi-7

Sheesh!! I didn't realize my story had gotten that long! And I'm not even to the good parts yet... You'll see. (Keep reading, me hardies!) ;)

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