Friday, June 19, 2015

A sneak preview from Chapter 8--Brandi Courts Disaster

My ghost writer, Celine, has posted an excerpt on her Celine's Dreams blog from my next great chapter in my ongoing memoirs... I decided to post the pertinent info. here for your pleasure:

The synopsis of Celine's work-in-progress, Chapter 8, Brandi Courts Disaster:

In Chapter 8, the space pirates long to discover what K.R.A.P.P. and the android Marian are up to, but first Brandi needs to discipline Willie for fibbing about his past. A little demonstration and another great orgy later, the Triple P arrives at Old Terra and comes under attack. Can Brandi and company out-prank a prankster, survive a crash landing, and pull the plug on henpecked King Ricardo’s evil queen before it’s too late?

An excerpt from chapter 8, Brandi Courts Disaster, in which Brandi--acting as ship's disciplinarian--attempts to teach their less-than-truthful second in commander a lesson with a little help from her lover, Captain Robin Manhood, at an orgy :

“Please disrobe, Captain. You will help me illustrate the importance of truthfulness to Commander Dickinson.”

“As you wish.” Robin chuckled as he shimmied out of his trousers. His dark eyes flashed wickedly, revealing his enormous erection. “How may I help you, Counselor Brandi?”

Goddess above! Did I ever love my lover’s cock! Sure, I had had the pleasure of being fucked by the vast majority of the crew and others sentient beings since I became Robin Manhood’s junior pilot, but no thing or no body could compare to the dashing site of masculinity that greeted me with his saluting penis at that moment. I realized that I was the luckiest girl in the galaxy to have such a handsome and open-minded lover.

“Sit down in the chair.” I wiggled my hips suggestively as I approached him, straddling and impaling myself on his cum-glistened cock. I began to gently rock back and forth, tossing back my hair and purring, “Hmm, yes, that’s it. Fondle my ass and suck my nipples the way I like.”

Robin chuckled and quickly obeyed. “Yes, ma’am!”

I squealed with delight. The room definitely was heating up. My vocalizations joined the in the chorus of moans and sighs as the discipline session became an all-out orgy. Everyone seemed to be enjoying himself or herself or itself except for Scarlet Willie. He sat back on his haunches and began to whine. “Oh, I’m all alone at an orgy, I’m handcuffed, and yet everybody is ignoring me!”
I slowly corkscrewed my hips around Robin’s cock, savoring the pleasurable sensations deep in my cunt. “You have only yourself to blame, Willie,” I said at last taking pity on his dilemma. “If you’d been honest with us all along about your royal connections, we commoners wouldn’t be so ticked off at you.”

Chapter 8, Brandi Courts Disaster will be released August 15, 2015, from eXtasy Books.
Chapters 9 and 10 should follow in September and October.

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