Monday, May 18, 2015

She's coming--again (and again)!

Heads up, darlings... I've whipped my ghost writer Celine into shape and told her to get back to work on my memoirs. Two more chapters are currently in the works. Tentative release date for the first book is August 15, 2015 from eXtasy Books.

Chapter 8 is entitled Brandi Courts Disaster and takes place on Old Terra in the court of King Ricardo the Party Pooper. That doesn't mean Brandi and the gang of space pirates won't have fun, because we all know that Brandi can have fun no matter what the circumstances (or whoever she has to go to bed with). ;)

Chapter 9 is called To Lay the Dirty Queen and that's sort of what happens...along with a few other things. Brandi will start putting two-and-two together and come up with some great group sex--or at least answers to some of the questions she and Robin Manhood have been searching for throughout their sexually repressed galaxy. Space pirates who distribute adult toys have to deal with so many obstacles!

If you need to catch up with all the sci-fi/fantasy/comedic erotic-romantic action so far, check out chapters 1 - 7 at eXtasy Books. They've been having some very good sales on ebooks lately, so buy now and buy in bulk. You know I appreciate it. ;)

Here's the link to the entire series/serial so far:

Until later, be good--or at least be nice to your lovers!

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