Thursday, September 20, 2012

Still Talking like a Space Pirate--But is Anyone Listening?

Hello Darlings--

 Long time since you've heard from me. Yes, I know I missed International Talk like a Pirate Day yesterday, but I talk like a pirate all the time! A space pirate, I realize, but it counts all the same.

Celine has been busy writing vampire stories lately. The Kindred vampire series from eXtasy Books. Will that woman ever settle on just one thing? Sigh! Anyway, she's been asked if Brandi's memoirs will continue and she said yes, they will. Got her! If you would continue to flood her email box and bug her online, perhaps we can goad her into writing more of my story sooner rather than later.

She also gets up to no good with her "nice girl" persona as well. Cynthianna has a couple of full-length novels of the "romantic comedy" variety coming out soon enough. They're not half bad if you don't mind plain vanilla love scenes. They'd make a perfect Christmas gift for your maiden auntie or your grandma with a heart condition if they own a Kindle or other e-reader. 

Please tell her I'm pimping her stuff--it'll make her day. Until we meet again, stay sane and keep reading the good stuff! 


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